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Thank You - Springmill Community

A huge THANK YOU to the residents of the Springmill Community!! Our Daily Bread’s pantry was getting pretty sparse, and then on Monday, in the rain no less, a group of residents delivered bags and bags and bags of groceries! All donated by the residents of Springmill. Below are pictures of our supply area after the donation came in, our volunteers date labeling each item, and a before and after picture of our pantry shelves. This one donation filled our shelves! Springmill has been a huge supporter of Our Daily Bread from the beginning, purchasing and serving a meal every month and sending us some of our most dedicated Board Members and volunteers. Our Daily Bread accepts donations of packaged food, fresh fruit, and paper goods every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. At list of items that we need can be found on our website at . There are also links to volunteer and to contact us if your group or organization would like to do a food drive for us or sponsor meals.


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