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Thank You! LifeHouse Church

Over the last three years, LifeHouse Church in Middletown has been making a significant impact on the community through their monthly dinners at Our Daily Bread. Beyond the act of cooking and serving, church members go above and beyond by generously funding all the food themselves. Their dedication extends further as they actively participate in serving meals in the dining room and ensuring that to-go meals reach those in need.

As the number of individuals benefiting from Our Daily Bread continues to grow, so does the demand for essential equipment. Recognizing the necessity for a third refrigerator in the kitchen, LifeHouse Church stepped up to the plate and provided the necessary funds to facilitate its purchase. This thoughtful gesture not only reflects the church's commitment to serving the community but also highlights their responsiveness to evolving needs.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to LifeHouse Church for their ongoing support and dedication to enhancing the capabilities of Our Daily Bread. Their contribution not only ensures the continuation of our vital services but also exemplifies the true spirit of community engagement. Thank you, LifeHouse Church, for making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve!


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