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Volunteer Today! at ODB

Our Daily Bread serves hot meals 7 times a week. And for each meal, we need two volunteers to do the dishes. But most are not done by hand, oh no, we have a commercial dishwasher! We serve meals Monday through Friday evenings and dishwashers arrive at 4:30 and are generally done by 6:15. Lunch is only on Tuesday and Thursday and dishwashers are needed from 11:30 to 1:15. No dish drying involved -- all dishes must air dry. If you are interested in volunteering, go to and sign up as a volunteer, You will receive a weekly email with a link to a program that will show you when we need volunteers, so you can sign up for dates and times that fit your schedule. We do have an online training course that you will need to complete, and you will also receive training on-site from a more experienced volunteer. We hope to see you at Our Daily Bread!


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