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ODB - Tuesday Morning Donations from 9:30 to 11:30

Gerry Sepka

Did you know that every Tuesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30, Our Daily Bread is open to take food and paper product donations? You can find us at 214 North Broad Street in Middletown, behind the old Town Hall. You can become a regular donor, like Gerry Sepka, stops by Our Daily Bread almost every Tuesday and donates fresh fruit. Or if you are cleaning out your pantry, find you have more of a product than you think you will ever use, or are heading out to grocery shop, please consider us. Note that for food items, we can only use food for one year after it’s expiration date. Our biggest needs are for gallon size storage bags, 33 gallon or larger garbage bags, paper towels, individual bottles of water, boxes of pasta, individual packets of sweet snacks, fresh fruit, cans of soup and sliced white bread. We use the donations both to make hot meals and we give out a grocery bag to our clients every Friday at dinner. Please keep Our Daily Bread in mind when choosing where to make a charitable donation.


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