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Breakthru Beverage of Delaware supports ODB

Just over a year ago, amidst a rainstorm, Tim Danning, the Executive Vice President of Breakthru Beverage Delaware, led a dedicated team to Our Daily Bread for an evening of service. Seeking a worthy cause to support, they graciously lent their assistance during dinner service, serving "to go" meals from the rear entrance and actively participating in packaging meals in the kitchen. Despite the inclement weather, Tim and his team, moved by compassion, made the conscious decision to embrace a consistent role as volunteers at ODB.


Now, on a monthly basis, they bring a contingent of team members, covering all essential tasks, excluding the culinary responsibilities. This commitment extends beyond Breakthru Beverage Delaware, with individuals like Todd Picken from Buffalo Wild Wings, who has since taken on the role of a volunteer Serv Safe Manager, and Jennifer Gonzalez, a devoted member of our volunteer team.


In this snapshot of community support, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Breakthru Beverage Delaware for their ongoing dedication. If your company is exploring ways to engage in community service while fostering team cohesion, we welcome you to reach out to us. A sincere "thank you" resonates to all those, like Breakthru Beverage Delaware, who recognize the power of collective effort in making a positive impact.


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