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Out of Misfortune Comes a Blessing

Remember (and who can forget?) the tornado that tore through the Middletown area and the semi trucks that overturned on Route 13? Well, B&G Truck & Trailer Repair was called to remove one of the semi's from the scene. The semi was filled with Campbell's Soup Company food products. B&G was advised to dispose of any food products left in the trailer.

B&G just couldn't do that with perfectly good food. So, with a recommendation from LifeHouse Church, Mike at B&G contacted ODB to ascertain our ability to accept the donation of two pallets and plus assorted items (V-8 Juice, Tomato Juice, assorted soups, etc.). Of course, we said yes and our volunteers gladly answered the call to unload the items.

Thanks to Paul W. and his pick-up truck and trailer who went to B&G to pick-up the load. Thanks to the employees of B&G who helped load the donation into Paul's truck. Thanks to the volunteers (Kathy & Bob G., Ted C., Charlotte M., Paul B., Joanne C., Betsy C., and Bob L.) who helped to unload everything into the Dining Room area. All of these donated items will be used either in the preparation of meals, given to our guests, or shared with other nonprofits in the MOT area.

Thank you so much to B&G Truck & Trailer Repair for the huge donation. You have made a difference in the lives of those in need in the MOT area.

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