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Supporting ODB is Kid's Stuff

Over the last week ODB was lucky to be supported by our next generation of philanthropists. Last week Ryan Rewkowski, age 9 (pictured here), with the help of his mom, Julie dropped off a huge haul of food and drinks. Ryan was motivated to collect food and raise and donate money to help those in need in the community.

Braeden Mannering, who I believe is 19 now, but has been battling food insecurity for many years now, runs his own nonprofit, 3B: Brae's Brown Bags. 3B has given away thousands of brown bags filled with nutritious snacks to folks who are hungry. His nonprofit has also sponsored conferences on food insecurity. Learn more about 3B: Brae's Brown Bags here...3B Brae's Brown Bags – Providing hope and nourishment to homeless and low-income populations (

So, in addition to providing food to those in need, these 2 young people also provided hope to an old man (yes, I am old) that our future can be a bright one if there are leaders like them waiting in the wings. Thanks Ryan and Braeden!!


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