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Help Us Rescue Food for the Hungry!

Our Daily Bread is blessed to have 10 Food Rescue Partners. We could probably have more, but one of our limitations is volunteers. Our Daily Bread is a 100% volunteer organization. And for food rescue, we already have 12 pickups a week. Each pickup requires at least one person to go to the restaurant or institution to pick up the food at a set time, then take it back to Our Daily Bread’s kitchen and pack it up and date it. For most pickups, the whole process takes no more than an hour. With the exception of one Saturday afternoon pickup, all others are during the day on Monday thru Friday.

If you think that this is something you might be able to help us with, please go to Our Daily Bread’s webpage at and fill out a Volunteer Application. We have several volunteer opportunities, but if you are specifically interested in helping with food rescue, please indicate this on your application.


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