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The Amazon Fulfillment Center's Chelsea Akers reached out to Our Daily Bread

Recently Our Daily Bread formed a new community partnership. The Amazon Fulfillment Center's Chelsea Akers reached out to ODB to inquire about our interest in accepting kitchen supplies that were considered excess inventory. Of course, we said yes! Chelsea, Kayla, and other colleagues came over to Our Daily Bread to receive a tour of the facility and to learn about our mission.

Recently Chelsea let us know that the donation was ready for pick-up and would we pick up the donation? The donation was contained on 2 pallets - about 32 boxes. Wow!

On August 7 two ODB volunteers (Paul & Kathy) with their pickup trucks went to Amazon to accept the donation. Thanks to all of the ODB volunteers who came to help unpack, sort, and shelve the donation. What a bounty! We received many varied items - kitchen utensils, very sharp knives, shampoo/cream rinse, deoderant, disposable razors, placemats, light fixtures, mustard, candy, oven mitts, and so much more. The items that are not usable at the Soup Kitchen were further donated to Family Help and the State Service Center.

ODB sends our sincere thanks to Amazon for donating these items. And even more thanks to Chelsea and Kayla for helping to sort out the donation once it arrived at ODB.

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